Affiliate Program

Greate Affiliate Program oppotiuty To Earn with Friendvibes.

This article focuses on how you can earn some spending cash or even a full time living with Friendvibes Affiliate Program. Read on for details on how to achieve success with affiliate referrals!
In case you are not familiar with Affiliate Marketing, it can be a great way to make some extra cash or it can be your full time business. We’ve had many affiliates in the past earn full time income from their efforts. Some earned enough to build up a nice retirement nest egg and still travel with their family and vacation wherever they wanted. We can’t promise you’ll be that successful, but if you put in the effort, you certainly have the opportunity to.

What is Friendvibes affiliate program?

We’ve got some details to explain our affiliate program. Our program allows you to earn with your referrals link! If you do have questions after reading about this, just send messenger to our sales team at with your question and we’ll be happy to answer you.

How to become a Friendvibes affiliate?

Great question! It’s easy as pie to become an affiliate on friendvibes and doesn’t cost you a thing! Just join here . Once you register, create a Group and start inviting new friends to join Friendvibes with your affiliate link and add them to your group to start earning with us. For each friend that registers under your invitation link you will receive $2 usd.

So, you’ve done the above two things to get started. What’s next?

All you need to do is promote yourself on Friendvibes! Let people know you are on Friendvibes so in that way you earn by sharing Friendvibes to people that want to start earning like you.

How can you promote or invite friends to join you on Friendvibes?

There are a lot of ways you can do that (1) to get your invitation link after you create your account click on your image at the top right hand side on the site thanks click on Setting & Privacy them click on Invitation Links and click on Generated Links from there copy and start sharing your links with friends after they join that person will automatically become your friends on Friendvibes. (2) you can also take to your friends on facebook , tweeter lindin, or any other social site you on.