About Friendvibes

Our Vision

Friendvibes help people stay connected with friends and family, to discover what's going on in the world, and to share. find new opportunity and express what matters to them.


Who are we?

Friendvibes is a social networking website which allows users, who sign-up for free  to creat a profiles, to connect with friends, work colleagues or people they don’t know, online. It allows users to share pictures, music, videos, and articles, post jobs, like or dislike post, watch movie and so much more. as well users can creat groups. play games and so on.

Users can follow others to discover interesting people and companies online, opting to follow their message. friendvibes is about discovering interesting people around the world. It can also be about  building followers of people who are interested in you and your work, business or hobbies and then providing those followers with some knowledge value every day.


Once you are following each other both users able to see whatever the other person posts. “Friendvibes” can post almost anything to their “timeline”, a snapshot of what is happening in their social circle at any given time, and can also enter private chat with other friends who are online.

People with profiles list information about themselves. Whether it be what they work at, where they are studying, ages, or other personal details, many users post lots of information which is easily accessible to their friends and others. On top of this, users can “like” other pages which interest them.

Introducing Features on Friendvibes

The fast emerging social networking site Friendvibes has some features which make it special for all users. Such as


You can engage in a real-time chat with friends who are online using the Chat module user can communicate with other user. For personal conversation Friendvibes chat bar really awesome to the user. Increasing user interaction and share their opinion. The mode of controlling personal idea and restrict from other site but user can select their choice for fast sharing idea and improve personal communication. Without sharing and communicating we cannot think any social networking site. Friendvibes try to fulfill the user demand.


 game is more vital part of young generation; they are more interlinking with game.  Friendvibes user can easily play different kinds of game.  The top rated games in the modern world are available to play. Friendvybz always thinking about the demand of user so that user get potential support in each sides. And user can easily create their game list on Friendvbz.


Music Sharing:

Friendvibes is a place for music sharing, user can share their music and create theme, playlist by upload audio and video song. Friendvibes community helps to get it on other user profile and they can easily download song. Friendvibes also help to promote your content by sharing in different social media such as Facebook, twitter and Youtube. So music sharing is another important facility for user.


Job Posting:

Friendvibes may be social networking site but it is more unique from other available site in some specific policy and system. Job posting is a more important issue in the modern world. Friendvibes community can help user to find out their demand what they want. To find qualified candidate and owner can choose their desirable career on here by posting job. Friendvibes job posting section really benefited for all user.



Social Ads:

social networking site is the most popular marketing/ advertising ways in the modern world. People are always connected with social media; they can get easily any kind of news feed on their wall.  In this context Friendvibes is not different from other social media site; anyone can provide and share their marketing system. Friendvibes marketing and advertising system helps user to use flowchart for done everything easily and they can see statistic of the activities. So Friendvibes is more effective for every user to operate their advertisement and easily handle the campaign and manage payment system.


 Video Channel:

video channel is another extra feature of Friendvibes that helps to the user to collect their essential videos from other site. User can create personal list of video. User can upload videos and other member can download it. And also possible to create channel like a YouTube channel so that they can find and save their videos.


Overall view of the Friendvibes

Friendvibes is more effective social networking site for operating various activities. Friendvibes include so many items for their user. It is really a luxurious site for communicating with each other. More facility is available in the Friendvibes.   User can easily share their opinion, content, picture and videos on this site. Here are available chat bar, music sharing, video channel, job posting and business policy promoting etc. Friendvibes is more smooth to use and control of the activity. So it is not far the day of Friendvibes to reach on the top. To get a profile on Friendvibes sign up now.